Anonymous asked: are you going to give this url away?

I’m so selfish but nooooooope bc of the possibility that I will come back. And as s long as I love Yunho, that possibility will still be ever present haha

Anonymous asked: It's really sad you closed this blog. Yunho is my super bias. He's an amazing idol. I love your blog but I understand nothing is permanent. Someone I hope you can keep this blog and take some time to make some gifs for him. Good luck!

I’m so sorry for making you sad, anon ;;

But yeah I agree nothing is important. I really might pop up randomly on occasions, depending on my free time (and my laptop space for HQ yunho videos OTL).

So yes I will be back ~someday~ thanks for your concern, anon!

Anonymous asked: Please dont close down your yunho blog even though you've moved on to exo now :(( i cant handle another yunho/changmin blog turned exo blog not letting me enjoy their pretty gifs. It's pretty depressing sob

((lurks in here bc I had to release one of my urls))

no don’t be depressed ;_; i’m pretty sure there’s still tons of gif makers out there (lmao I pretty much hounded the yunho tag for my farewell queue and saw them all)

I can’t quite promise that I’ll be back but I am sort of regretting leaving this blog. Who knows, I might lurk with a random gif or two from time to time. But to actually keep this blog properly updated? I don’t think that’s possible anymore :c

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